Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vote for us, please! :)

They are my super team.

I join community/Karang Taruna of Griya Lembah Depok since years years ago.
and for me, they're solid enough, they mean a lot for me. :)

Approx 3 years ago, we made one video, to be showed at 'Malam Puncak 17 Agustus.'
We made it, the actor are us, edited by Mas Kuya, Mas Wawan and friends.

Do you still remember that video? I have ever posted here

and you know what? My friend, Hendra or Bebek, posted that video at, and asked me to vote..
So, anyone, please help us to vote HERE, we guarantee you will Rolling On The Floor after watching. :))

Thankk youu, readers.


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