Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011, yes yes you are here..

Today's 3rd January 2011. It's new year! YAY!!

Well, i celebrated NYE with (like usual) my Seventh Valley friends and my lovely one off course. Baked lots of chickens, Saw lots of fireworks and had lot of fun. :)

I hope that this year will be a better year than last, and i can make my dreams/hopes/resolutions come true, and here are:

1. Cover my head with scarf and being closer to Allah SWT.
2. To be promoted as a permanent staff.
3. Next step, next level with Eja.
4. Have 1-2 side jobs and focus on that.
5. Save money, MORE!
6. S2 (Like Papa said)
7. Last one is a secret. So i can't write it down. Hehe..

Oke, wish me luck Guys..
I also wish you all have wonderful days ahead.
Happy New Year!

NB : Today's my sister and my brother in law 2nd wedding anniversary, congratulations. Happily ever after. Amin.

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